Female athlete lower back painful injury. Caucasian fitness girl gripping her lowerback because sport injury after exercising and running.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

May 11, 2013
"Then a magic day happened. I went on an Inner RePatterning course with Tania. I arrived dosed up on ibuprofen and pain killers, hardly able to move. The second day of the course when one of the young girls on the course offered to work on me – I asked her not to do an emotional clear, but rather to work on the pain. WOW! Within 20 minutes I was so pain free I was in tears and dancing around the room. All these years I had believed that my chronic back pain was totally structural – NO."


May 9, 2013
Meditation is a practice aimed at restoring mental peace and reducing stress. It is a very effective tool that relieves you from…

Stress Symptoms

May 9, 2013
Stress has wide ranging effects on every aspect of your life including your emotions, feelings, behavior as well as your efficiency at work. Its symptoms can vary drastically from one person to the next, but some of the most commonly observed stress symptoms are:

Facilitating ADHD With Inner RePatterning

March 18, 2013
Mindfulness and tapping works wonders together! The complexity of ADHD/ADD ADHD is a very complex issue and it is only recently…

Depersonalisation and Derealisation

May 1, 2012
Hi, I just thought I would share this story. I must admit it brought a smile to my face reading it. What a beautiful sense of humor…

Inner RePatterning Course Syllabus

April 29, 2012
EFT: Inner RePatterning Course Syllabus Why learn Inner RePatterning? Because: It is stunning easy to use It can often get results…

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Inner RePatterning Training Course Content

July 21, 2015
Inner RePatterning Basic Training Duration: This is a two day training Course Content The History and Development of Inner RePatterning…

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